Sharing the fun of a JetPROP

Bob Conrad

7829 Cincinnati-Brookville Road

Okeana, OH 45053-9781

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In February of 2000 my 1986 Malibuís engine was turning 1000 hours. I bought my Malibu in 1988 and at 1000 hours my old engine was loaded with problems and ADs. My second Continental engine was brand new when I bought it and it gave me very good service. Fearing what the future may be holding for my engine and impressed with the turbine conversion, I decided to convert to a JetPROP.


In early July my wife Nancy and I took our Malibu to Alaska for two weeks. Our final flight from Calgary to Spokane was straight over the mountains on a beautiful VFR day and an emotional final flight tribute to the previous 12 years of loyal service.


On November 5, 2000 I made the trip back to Spokane full of expectation and many questions. My P310P was now a P46T. The turbine looked like it belonged. The fun and excitement started right away with my first flight with Darwin Conrad. From there it just got better and better as I started getting use to my new bird. 13.5 hours later I was ready to head for home.


The hardest new adjustment has been fuel, weight and range management. After developing some tools to help understand the profile changes as a result of the new turbine engine, I decided to share my experiences and insights with other JetProp and Malibu/Mirage owners. Your comments, questions and contributions are welcomed. Our MMOPA associationís web chat section is the appropriate outlet to share the wealth of knowledge among our members.

Bob Conrad,† Cincinnati, Ohio


Darwin Conradís magic touch on my baby.

Time to go home. Yes, that is ice.

Text Box: After 29 years of dependable service I have come to a point in my life where it is time to let go of my Jetprop. To the day it is still a thrill every time I fly. Pressurization and flying the flight levels up to FL270 at 245 KTAS opens up a whole new world of safe flying. Average fuel burn per flight is 30 GPH including cruise. 
Text Box: Frame TT: 3,615 hours
PT-34 Turbine time 1,450 hour
Asking $650,000